The Table Tennis Academy (TTA) is a preparatory school for table tennis players located in the Civil Service Sports Club, Archbishop Street, Valletta, Malta. The academy was founded on the second day of July in the year 2003. The coaching sessions are being held by two qualified coaches, namely Mario Genovese and Edward Baldacchino, who are Malta’s top ranking table tennis players.

It is a fact that table tennis is a sport that provides the best mental coordination training for children and adults alike, helping them become more and more alert as they enhance their reflexes. The goal of the Table Tennis Academy is to train them by honing their skills to become the best players that they can be. The institute is headed by Mario Genovese and Edward Baldacchino as head coaches, while Alex Soler and Alex Anastasi serve as assistant coaches.

The mission statement of the Table Tennis Academy is as follows:

  • To be able to provide a conducive environment that nurtures, coaches and develops aspiring table tennis players of all ages to achieve their goals by realizing their potential in the sport.
  • To be able to commit to creating a unique learning experience by providing affordable training activities in a safe, clean and inviting environment through the use of technically sound, innovative and internationally recognized training strategies and practices.
  • To be able to focus on their students’ attainment of physical and mental health combined with the technical skills that they need in order to succeed competitively in the game.
  • To be able to have fun while never compromising both the welfare and safety of their students.